Army Health System

PurposeThe purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate an understanding of the Army Health System.
    Background InformationDiscussion boards are an important tool in facilitating student learning in an online environment. Your participation allows you to demonstrate understanding of course material through contributing to an ongoing discussion.
  Discussion QuestionAfter reading the Mission Command lesson, select and define one principle of mission command in your own words. Then, identify an example from the article, U.S. Marines in Grenada 1983, that exemplifies your selected principle and explain the impact it had on Operation Urgent Fury.
Resource RequirementsMission Command Lesson Article: U.S. Marines in Grenada 1983
  ExpectationsYou must submit an initial response to the discussion question. Your initial response must: -be a minimum of 250 words (We are looking for body content. Your listed reference at the bottom of your post will not count toward this word requirement) -state your Rank and Name in the subject line (ex. SSG Jones, Avery) -include an APA formatted, scholarly reference and in-text citation to support your post (use a reference in addition to the smart book and the lesson) After you have posted an initial response, reply to two of your peers (you must reply to their initial response). Each reply must: -be a minimum of 200 words (salutations and references are not included in your word count) -open each post with the Rank/Name of the student you are addressing and close each reply with your Rank/Name -your first three posts (initial response and two replies) will be graded   All posts must be submitted by typing your response in the text box. *This discussion will be evaluated on the expectations listed above and the assignment rubric*

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