Argumentative Paper

using 5 or more sources

 APA formatt

working from this thesis statement:

 ‘While the name “foster care” is often met with negative connotations, especially in the African American Community, the system can bring about positive change if the child’s needs are identified early and a strategic plan is properly implemented and executed. 

  • People / personal sources
  • Articles
  • Survey
  • Field trip, etc.
  • Magazine article
  • Web site
  • Journal
  • Documentary, etc.
  • Publications (Government or business
  • Context: The conditions under which you are doing your research—searching, writing it up, sharing. For a college research project, the obvious context is the college itself along with your experience. Even stress is a part of the context. 
  • Key issue to think through:
    • What did you bring to the project
    • Where am I coming from as a researcher and a writer
    • What is my background and culture
    • In what ways am I different from my readers
    • In what ways am I like my readers
    • When must the project be finished
    • What resources do I already have available
    • What format am I required to use
    • What form of writing am I doing
      • Personal-research paper
      • Analytical paper
      • Argumentative paper
      • Literary analysis

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