Appointed Account Manager

Question 1

Background Information: You are to imagine that you are the recently appointed Account Manager and have been asked to present to your line manager a 30/60/90 day plan of how you will approach this new role in order to be successful. We are particularly interested to hear your thoughts on the following topics:

How you would grow revenue whilst maximising margin?

Who are our competitors and how do you plan to increase our market share from them?

What do customers expect from us both now and in the future?

How would you organise an Accounts base with various levels of spend into an initial visit plan

What are the current market trends /latest developments in technology that will have an impact on Premier Farnell?

-Describe your perfect/typical week in role.   Your Task You should prepare a short presentation outlining your approach to the outlined brief above. You will have a maximum of 20 mins in which to deliver your presentation, a Q & A session will follow after your presentation.

Question 2

(a) Generate the new variable, r t = c t − y t , which is the log of the consumption to income ratio. Plot r t over time and describe its main feature(s).
(b) Using a maximum lag of eight, test for a unit root in each of c t , y t , r t , ∆c t , ∆y t and ∆r t. For each variable, report the p-value for the unit root test and draw an appropriate conclusion.
(c) Based on the results obtained in (b) above, which variables are stationary, and which are nonstationary, and why?
(d) (*) Based on the CADFtest input and ADF test output for r t , estimate the regression used to test r t for a unit root directly (i.e., using dynlm), and write out your results in equation form.
(e) Based on all the results from this question, explain the difficulty of specifying an appropriate bivariate time series model for c t and y t .

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