Apple Inc. Financial Analysis

Apple Inc. Financial Analysis (Sp2014)
Your report should include Financial Statement Info from the last 3 years. Go to and type in Apple company name or (AAPL) ticker symbol. Enter. If you scroll down the left hand menu to the bottom, you will see the Financials section. Yahoo provides the last 3 years worth of financial statement data from the balance sheet and income statement, so this will make it easy on getting the data. You can then cut and paste the data into an excel spreadsheet from which you may set up your ratio calculations. You may need to use one of the “paste special” options to get it to work best.
Write a report on a company using the financial ratios Listed below. You should compare the last 3 years of financial statements. Use only year-end numbers to do the comparison (fiscal or calendar year end depending on the company).
Ratios- Return on Assets, Return on Equity, Return on Capital, Inventory Turnover Ratio, Debt to Equity Ratio, Operating profit margin, Interest coverage ratio, P/E Ratio, Asset Turnover Ratio, Market to Book Value, Operating profit margin, Quick Ratio, & Current Ratio.

The report should be approx. 3 to 4 pages, but if you find more material that you wish to include, then you are free to do so. The report will be graded on the accuracy and applicability of what you include, not on the quantity or volume of the report.

The report should start with a complete, but brief description of the company and the business that they are in. It should include an overview of the industry, competition, and challenges if any as well as competitive advantages.

It would be preferable if the company you choose has debt and pays dividends. From the debt you can calculate the debt ratios including the liquidity ratios, and from the dividends you can calculate the Dividend Discount model to estimate the company’s value. You could also calculate k, your required rate of return, g, your growth rate, and b, the retained earnings plowback rate.

Calculating the Free Cash Flow Valuation for 2011-2015

Lastly, you should summarize the report and add your own conclusions including whether or not you would like to invest in it.

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