Anticipatory Guidance Activity

Topic-School Age: Grief

  • Summary
  • Handout
  • Rationale for the handout
  • Narrative of how information on your topic will be given to the parent/caregiver

Anticipatory Guidance Activity

An important role for a primary care provider is addressing relevant health promotion issues.

The dissemination of correct information appropriate for a patient and family’s health literacy is

an important component of providing safe care. There is pertinent anticipatory guidance that

should be addressed at every primary care well child visit.

You will be provided with a list of topics from which to choose during the appropriate module.

After choosing a topic, you will:

a. Provide a summary of anticipatory guidance strategies that you would present to

patients on the selected topic in a table format.

b. Create a handout based on consideration of parent’s health literacy.

c. Summarize a rationale for how you constructed the handout based on health literacy


d. Describe the narrative of how information will be given to parent/caregiver.

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