Annual Interest Rate

Question 1

Answer the following questions applying the knowledge learned from Chapter 9 – Customer Relationship Management

Q. Read the case study on (Case Study 9.1, see below). Using what you have learnt in Chapter 9 about CRM and E-CRM, answer the following questions regarding the case.

a) What is Tesco and what does it sell? Offline and online. 1 Marks

b) Summarize using bullet points how Tesco making use of the online channel? Include the different mediums they are using and what they do on each? 2 Marks

c) What are the specific activities/actions/tools they are using for E-CRM? 2 Marks

d) Suggest ways in which Tecso can further improve and develop its CRM strategy online? (Please think about suitable ones for the company and don’t just state randomly. Give reasons why it make sense to use your suggestions.) 3 Marks 

Minimum Word count = 200 per question. 

Question 2

List and describe what the nine components that should be considered when developing any e-commerce presence, and why you think they are important.

Question 3

Using Excel, compute the value of a $50,000 deposit into a savings account at an annual interest rate of 4%, compounded monthly, after 10 years?

*Calculate the compound interest. Just label the data items.



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