Annual Income


An experiment involves selecting a random sample of 256 middle managers. We would like to know the mean salary (annual income). The sample mean salary is 45,000, and the sample standard deviation is $2,000. Calculate the 95% confidence interval, showing the confidence limits. Hint, because the sample size is greater than 30, we use the Z factor for 95%.


Pick a biome and ecosystem and create a 500-700-word essay addressing   the following:

  1. Refer to the infographic provided and chose a biome to describe with an example ecosystem. 
  2. Provide one  example of a keystone species found in the biome/ecosystem.  Why is this keystone species important to the biome/ecosystem?  What defines it as a keystone species?
  3. Provide an example of an invasive species found in the biome/ecosystem.  What are some of the negative impacts this invasive species has on the ecosystem?  What is being done to mitigate impacts?
  4. Provide one example of an endangered species found in the biome/ecosystem.  Briefly discuss the causes of the decline in the species and what is being done to help.   

Please include at least three academic sources and make sure all sources are cited in your essay. 


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