Analyzing Protocols

Question 1

This week, you should complete 2 lab activities (Lab 1 and Lab 2) successfully, and complete and submit the assessment worksheet assignment to your instructor for grading. Follow these instructions to complete your assignment successfully:

  1. Access the Labs link provided by WOW using your own pass code. By now, you should have received the link and the pass code via separate e-mails.
  2. To complete Lab 1, access and complete the Section 1 lab activity under Lab 1: Analyzing Protocols with WireShark.
  3. To complete Lab 2, access and complete the Section 1 lab activity under Lab 2: Using Wireshark and NetWitness Investigator to Analyze Wireless Traffic.

For each lab (Lab 1 and Lab 2), complete the following:

  • Read the lab manual very carefully, and familiarize yourself with the assignment scenarios and other instructions before accessing the virtual lab environment.
  • Access the environment and complete all of the lab activities for Section 1 only.
  • Complete the assessment worksheet assignment template for both labs (download the templates here: Lab1 and lab2), and send them to your instructor for grading.

Question 2

Discretionary Access Control (DAC)- What is DAC and How it is implemented. Advantages and disadvantages. Pick any company which implements it, Why did they choose this model of Access Control, Pros & Cons

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