Analytical Discussion

Grading Criteria:

Your assignment will receive a full score if it

  • – discusses one question from the current week (as an exception, you may pick a question from a previous week if you missed class or don’t like any of the current questions; this may be done no more than 3 times per semester)
  • – Demonstrates understanding of the question and an analytical response/discussion
  • – Incorporates at least two technical/theoretical terms from class or the textbook
  • – Is using the terms correctly and citing the textbook (or other sources) where necessary
  • – Shows creativity – either in content, writing, or formatting; you are allowed (and encouraged) to include multimedia materials (cite them if they are not yours!), visuals, etc.
  • –  Is at least 350 words in length
  • – Is written in proper, grammatically correct, college-level English
  • –  Uses APA citations in-text and in the reference list

The Question is –

The chapter discusses Mark Zuckerberg and the influence Facebook had on the entire world. Research Facebook the companies that were bought by it. What are your thoughts? What future developments do you expect? What are the effects of such widespread acquisitions of platforms by Facebook?



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