Analysis Process


Which of the following sources is an input to the analysis process? 

The organization structure

The people within the operational areas

Both B & C

All of the above


In response to a TNA, the decision is to “change the job.” This means 

Rewards are not tied to high performance.

There is a KSA deficiency but training is not the most effective solution.

Feedback is not occurring in the present setup.

There are too many obstacles in the system the way the job is currently set up.


When a TNA is conducted, it 

Guarantees that the time and money spent on training is spent wisely.

Determines the benchmark for evaluation of training.

Provides essential information in the implementation of the strategic plan.

Both B & C.


Which of the following is true about OJT? 

OJT generally uses experienced coworkers or supervisors as trainers.

When using the JIT method of OJT, the first step is “Present.”

Most OJT done by small businesses uses the JIT method.

It is one of the more expensive training methods.

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