Analysis and Reflection

Question 1

You are required to describe a significant event that has occurred in your area of specialty practice whilst undertaking your graduate certificate. The significant event can either describe:

  1. A clinical event that directly involves a patient situation that you were involved in; or
  2. An event related to your professional standards of practice.
  3. Provide an account of a significant event that has occurred in your specialist area that includes a clear and descriptive explanation of the significant event and the events that took place.

(3 marks)

  1. Using the Gibbs reflective cycle conduct a significant event analysis and include:
  1. What factors led or contributed to the event occurring and why you thought the event was significant.
  2. Provide a narrative reflection describing your particular concerns or the key issues and implications, and how they were directly related to patient care or to your professional nursing practice.

(12 marks)

  1. Based on your analysis and reflection, provide recommendations informed by relevant literature and describe how these will change your nursing practice.

(5 marks)

Question 2

Identify a case where you fell trap to the decision-making using confirmation biases, anchoring ,overconfidence biases and Framing effect etc, and then discuss and report on alternative approaches and strategies that you could have used to minimize the likelihood they would have fallen trap to these biases ( taking decisions when working under pressure and highly dynamic and uncertain situations)

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