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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a series of white papers available for download. For this discussion thread, you will download the white paper, “How Cities Can Stop Wasting Money, Move Faster, and Innovate.”

To access this white paper, please go to the following url:

This white paper is the eighth paper on the website. Please scroll down to this particular white paper and clickdownload Whitepaper.

This white paper is organized in a similar fashion as other white papers you have read in this class. It has a title page, a table of contents on page 4, an abstract on page 4, and then the body of the white paper on pages 5-16. It does not cite any sources, but rather uses testimonies from various cities and municipalities to give credibility to its claims.

Please answer the following questions, answering each one in one to three sentences or so.

1. Who is the audience for this white paper? In other words, what potential clients is it trying to attract?

2. Examine pages 5-7. Is this white paper “marketing” AWS a bit too much? Remember the lecture from Mak Pandit in which he noted that the presentation should be “neutral” and “marketing should be subtle.” Please use one or two examples of words or phrases from pages 5-7 and explain whether you feel Amazon is being subtle here.

3. Notice the headings in the white paper. They are not typical academic headings. They are designed to catch the reader’s attention. This strategy resonates with a strategy given in the Purdue OWL lecture. What strategy did the Purdue OWL mention in this regard?

4. Please comment on whether the graphics in this white paper help communicate the message. You can see Figure 1 on page 6 and Figure 2 on page 14.

5. Various cities are mentioned in this white paper. The white paper first mentions three cities and one county in the United States (McKinney, Texas; Asheville, North Carolina; and King County in Washington State; and Boston, Massachusetts). It then mentions locations outside of the United States—Moovit in Israel, Transport for London, and the London City Airport.

Is there a strategy as to why a particular city or location is mentioned in any particular part of the white paper? In answering this question, you can select one city or location and analyze why it was mentioned in the particular section of the white paper in which it was mentioned.

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