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Analysis Paper:

Each student will write a term paper of approximately 1500 words on the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats for an IT firm. The paper should clearly explain each aspect of the topics as it relates to the company and the industry with relevant examples. The paper should conclude with an example of a current job opening that a University student graduating with a degree from the Computer Science department could apply to soon. The quality of the term paper will be part of the grade for the author. The paper should be well sighted using scholarly references from Books, Conference Papers and Journals ONLY! This work is graded.  Late work is not accepted.  Documents will be spaced at 1.5 lines, use Times New Roman Font, 12-point pitch, have 1.25” left and right margins and 1” top and bottom margins. Use google scholar for help finding articles on your topic.

The content is important and will be given due weight when graded.  However, equally important is the writing.  Be sure to create an outline (down to the level of each paragraph) and carefully proofread for unclear prose, poor sentence-flow, poor grammar, and misspellings. Check your paper for plagiarism, the percent of the plagiarism should not be more than 20%. The paper that has plagiarism more than 20% will receive a grade of zero. So be careful with that.

The structure of the paper is as follows:

Introduction: Explain the topic and any terms or acronyms. Explain the background of the firm and their key product(s). Describe why this is important in the computer industry and why attention should be drawn to this topic or issue.

SWOT Analysis: Using substantiated arguments, describe each firms key Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Be sure to provide sufficient examples to support your analysis. Your arguments should be supported by prior researchers in journals, conference and books. Only websites such as government sites or legal posting by various courts are acceptable. All other websites, such as news, homepages, or university sites that contain material NOT verified are inadmissible.

Conclusions:  At the end of the paper, summarize your work. Provide a closing argument indicating where you see the topic or point of view is headed in the computer industry. Your views cannot be wrong and do not need to be substantiated in the conclusion. In addition, you must include a write up of a potential job opening for a TU student as mentioned above.

References: You should use the APA 5th style of referencing. Details of this style can be found on the web. Additional help can be sought from the reference librarian or the English writing support center. Your paper should include a minimum of 6 references. These references should be applied through the text to back up any claims that you make

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