Agency Funding

For this assignment, you are expected to meet with your Field Instructor, discuss the organization’s funding sources and later, research current state and federal policies that impact the agency’s funding.

Submit a 1-2 page paper in which you  (PRIVATE CHARTER SCHOOL, FL):

  1. Identify the agencies funding sources
  2. Identify state and federal policies that impact the agency’s funding.
  3. Explain in specific detail, the impact of the policies identified and how they impact the agency’s funding.
  4. Discuss potential threats to the agency’s funding as a result of the current policies.


1. A certain type of artificial heart has four independent, critical components. Failure of any of these components is a serious problem. Suppose that 5-year failure rates, expressed as the proportion that fail within 5 years for these components are known to be:

Component 1 0.01

Component 2 0.06

Component 3 0.04

Component 4 0.02

What is the probability that an artificial heart functions for 5 Years.?

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