After-School Program

You are in charge of running an after school program for kids ages 6-8yrs old. The program runs directly after school. Within this program healthy snacks are provided to the children. Your role is to develop the physical activity portion of the program. Your portion of the program runs for an hour.

1. What are the wellness consideration for this age group?
2. Considering physical literacy what activities would you develop and implement to meet the wellness needs of this age group (conceptually and concrete)?
3.How do these activities meet physical literacy developmental needs?
Ensure that your program includes all elements of a wellness program that will foster physical literacy. For example, for mental/intellectual wellness, include information from cognitive development chart.
Course Outcomes
CLO 1 – Explain how physical literacy throughout the lifespan contributes to the prevention of diseases where inactivity and sedentary lifestyles are a risk factor.

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