African and Oceanic Art

In this minimum 3.5 pages Times New Roman 12, double-spaced paper compare African and Oceanic art through a comparison of two pairs of African and Oceanic works (so 4 works total; 2 from each culture). Compare the works from the point of view of both:
(1) meaning and use, and
(2) materials they are made of, look, and aesthetics.
You need to write two comparisons. The first will compare the first African vs the first Oceanic work. The second comparison will compare the second African vs the second Oceanic work. For the comparisons, choose works of the same kind. Compare religious buildings to one another, or textiles to one another, or ceramics to one another, or sculpture to one another, or whatever other categories make sense for you to one another. But don’t compare a building to a ceramic pot, for example.
You don’t need to only choose architecture or only sculpture, or only any other category (you may if you prefer that). You may also compare two religious buildings for the first comparison, and two examples of textiles for the second comparison, or any other combination that makes sense to you.
Draw on your readings (and do further research if necessary) so that you have an informed opinion on these works. If writing about a specific piece of textile, for example, bring to your discussion whatever knowledge you have about that kind of textile in general.
You cannot choose the same comparison that you have already written about in a previous discussion. You may choose one of those objects from a discussion, but you must compare it to an object never used for a discussion.
Your choice of pairs of artworks/categories of artworks must allow you to reach a conclusion about the comparison of the cultures you are discussing as a whole.
In your introductory paragraph introduce the two cultures and the art works you will discuss, and end with a thesis statement that sets the tone for the entire paper. The thesis statement should be one sentence that states exactly what the differences between the cultures and artworks are. (Your thesis cannot just say that there are many differences, it actually must state precisely what the differences are).
After the introductory paragraph, use the rest of the paper to lay out the evidence available to support the thesis. Each paragraph you write should connect to and support the statement you made in your thesis. The first sentence of each paragraph should summarize the main point of that paragraph. Your last paragraph, the conclusion, should be substantial and should sum up your main points.

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