Advocacy Plan

Question 1

Use this Discussion to reflect on this course and your future career in health care. Answer the following questions.

  1. What topics in the course will help you the most in your role as a practicing healthcare administrator? Please give examples. learning 9 theorians’s prespectives in healthcare
  2. Of all the ethical theories discussed in this course, which one would you like to be sure you incorporate in your personal leadership strategy?
  3. Did assessing your personal leadership style prepare you for your role in healthcare management? Did anything surprise you in your self-assessment?
  4. Did the development of a healthcare advocacy plan help prepare for your healthcare career? If so, explain.

Question 2

Question: Attitudes: What are the perceived attitudes of the clients/patients to this intervention approach? What might the family members perceive (positive and negative)? What attitudes do nurses and other major stakeholders have about the issue you are exploring in the BPG guideline? Might the recommendation you have chosen be a major change for the institution? How?

Intervention would be devices or mattress

Question 3

Contrast the information from Chalk Talk from 1973 and the updated information from “Pleasure Unwoven”. What are the similarities and differences in our knowledge of addiction?

Your posting should be a minimum of one hundred (100) words. You will need to post your response before you are able to view your classmates’ posts. You are required to read all of your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two classmates. Your replies to your classmate should be substantive, at least fifty (50) words.

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