Advocacy plan

What is health policy? 

Health policy broadly describes the actions taken by governments—national, state, and local—to advance the public’s health.  The execution of policies is compulsory to those who are involved. 

Policies are mandatory. Guidelines and programs usually are not mandatory. 

The policies for this course are not institutional based so do not write about policies where you work.   

Policies are written directions or directives by state and federal governments or by counties setting regulations.   

A policy is set by laws and regulations.    (Institutions can also set policies but, in this class, we are focusing on broader policies generally). The execution of policies is compulsory to those who are involved.  

A program is a set of steps to do something, for example, to execute a policy.  Write about a specific policy and not a program. 

  1. This assignment will actually be one paper that will be your portfolio assignment. You will add to the paper with each assignment. 
  2. Before you submit your paper also go to the Writing Center and put your paper through Grammarly. Remove the title page and references. ADD THEM BACK AFTERWARDS.
  3. Safe Assign –On the Home Page you can find “SafeAssign Drafts. All papers must have 20% or less Originality Report – you must rework your paper…paraphrase and cite. You DO NOT WANT to have issues with academic integrity – having 20% is very important.
  1. Make sure your specific health advocacy program is not too unwieldy…I would suggest making it a program that you could actually do in your community…don’t try to save the nation…your circle of influence…See Policy Examples in the Assignment Toolbox.  
  1. Be sure to have correct identifying information – See Annotated Paper in Assignment Toolbox
  1. Be sure to follow the Assignment Grading Rubric found under Course Information on the Home Page. 

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