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A well-known, highly profitable technology company had a unique culture based on meritocracy and generating results. The culture was different enough that the Human Resources Department developed a questionnaire that was given to a variety of candidate. Based on their scoring, the candidates either passed or failed the questionnaire.

They found that on average, among those candidates who were ultimately successful in the company, 77% had passed the questionnaire. Correspondingly, among those candidates that ultimately were not successful in the company, 82% had failed the questionnaire. Overall, they found that 34% of new hires are not successful within the company.
 A. Based on the information provided, what are the chances that a candidate selected at random will pass the test?

B. Suppose a candidate takes and passes the questionnaire. What are his or her chances of being successful within the company?

C. Suppose a candidate takes and fails the test. What are his or her chances of not being successful within the company?


An advertisement claims that Fasto Stomach Calm will provide relief from indigestion in less than 10 minutes. For a test of the claim, 35 individuals were given the product; the average time until relief was 9.25 minutes. From past studies, the standard deviation of the population is known to be 2 minutes. Can you conclude that the claim is justified? Find the P-value and let a=0.05

Once down to about 15, the world’s only wild flock of whooping cranes now numbers a record 237 birds in its Texas Costal Bend wintering ground. The average whooping crane egg weighs 208 grams. A new batch of eggs was recently weighed, and their weights are listed below. At a=0.01, is there sufficient evidence to conclude that the weight is greater than 208 grams? 210 208.5 211.6 212 210.3 210.2 209 206.4 209.7

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