Adverse Events

Question 1

In the assigned article, “Core Principles & Values of Effective Team-Based Health Care,” the authors state that “the incorporation of multiple perspectives in health care offers the benefit of diverse knowledge and experience; however, in practice, shared responsibility without high-quality teamwork can be fraught with peril.” Describe the perils that the authors say lead to uncoordinated care and unnecessary waste and cost. How do communication and interdisciplinary collaboration prevent adverse events?

Question 2

1. A 30-year-old man sustained a fracture of his right leg 2 months ago. The leg has been in a cast and he just had it removed. He is amazed at the degree to which the muscle to his right leg has atrophied.

a. Would you consider this to be a normal adaptation response? (Explain)

b. Will these changes have an immediate and or long-term effect on the function of the leg?

c. What types of measures can be taken to restore full function of the leg?

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