Adoption of Electronic Health Records Technology

Factors that Influence the Adoption of technology, especially in Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in KSA)
Write the definition for each factor add fact related to the factors from different studies, add examples, to describe how each element under this factor work and how that influence the adoption of technology? show what is the difference between each factors. Please write the thesis sentence than describe. Think of the 3 points and stick to them. Make the three pages flow together and link the first factor with second with the third than write short summary.
1. Demographic Factors
1. Culture
2. AGE
3. Gender differences

2. Individual factors
1. Perceived usefulness
2. Personal innovations
3. Prior experience
4. Image and enjoyment with innovation

3. Organizational factors
1. Training
2. Managerial support
3. Incentives

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