Ad Design

1) Please keep in mind that the products you are manufacturing, marketing, and selling are for the Business to Business (B2B) marketplace, not Business to Consumer.
2) Be sure you read the document “Ad Copy Design” in Marketplace Live, which will be very useful in helping you design an effective ad.
Ad Design:
1. What was your thought process in designing the advertising for your two products (that were designed inQ1)? Be sure you clearly explain your thinking.
2. What advertising messages did you choose? (Hint: When you design each ad, there are up to 9 messages you can display; it’s your choice of how many messages you wish to display for each ad.)
3. How many messages did you select?
4. What was the priority of your messages? This means list the messages in each of your ads in the order of importance.

Ad Truthfulness:
1. Under the Marketing in the Q2 Task List, run Check Ad Claims. What happened? I have two green check marks next to my brand names.
2. What action did you have to take? Please explain. I didn’t have any actions.
Ad Placement:
1. What media did you select to advertise your two products?
2. Why did you select those media vehicles?
3. How many insertions in each media did you select, and why?
Please support your answers with the numbers and facts!

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