In this course you will complete a signature assignment, which is designed to demonstrate your proficiencies in specific programmatic learning outcomes.

The signature assignment for this course requires you to write a paper, 5 pages in length, based on of the following topic:

Writing Assignment

The primary purpose of this assignment is to help students gain a better understanding of cost accounting concepts. This is not a group assignment. The requirement for this paper is minimum 5- pages/double space on a chosen company. You are required to write a cost accounting policy for the accounting department/ using and considering the concepts that you learn throughout the course. I will provide some samples for your review; you are also encouraged to research on internet to find more information on Cost Accounting Policies and how they are formulated.

More details will be provided during the course. Requirements:

  1. Written in APA style: referencing and use of section headers;
  2. Grammatically correct;
  3. Written with technical prose and have substance;
  4. The paper should be at least 5 full pages plus a reference list, but not more than 10 full pages, with single- spacing, normal margins and a 12-font typeset.
    1. The length of the paper is exclusive of any graphs, illustrations and or other exhibits that are referred to in the paper.
  5. Facts and uses of sources that are incorporated into your paper must be footnoted and a bibliography must accompany the paper;
  6. Paper content – It is not necessary to have a long introduction or conclusion for this project.
    1. For example, include a few, simple paragraphs on the company history and issue.
  7. Subject matter is arranged neatly, concisely stated, and covers the entire topic addressed above.

Signature Assignment Rubric

This project is due before the start of Session 16. I strongly suggest that you avoid waiting until the final week to start the project.

Project submitted from another course will receive no credit.

Project Grading

The highest score is 100 points and will be earned if all the project criteria identified previously are met.

Papers will be marked down if they do not follow the guidelines for the project or if they fail to present adequate data to support the conclusion. Use managerial accounting concepts and terminology from your course.

Content: 40%

  • Introduction of topic
  • Full explanation of topic
  • Incorporation of course content and application towards company cost policy

Depth of Thought: 30%

  • Provide cost policy of all aspects of business for your chosen company – such as direct material, direct labor, overhead and etc.

Ultimate Topic Clarity: 20%

  • Written in clear and understandable language
  • Logical order
  • Provides connection to cited material (if any)
  • Proper

Style: 10%

  • Incorporates section headers
  • Use of references within paper if necessary
  • Inclusion of reference page at end of paper

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