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This week’s readings consist of the observations made by 2 conquistadors, Christopher Columbus in the Caribbean and Bernal Dìaz del Castillo in New Spain (Mexico), as well as a description of the conquest of Mexico from the perspective of the indigenous people they met.  Share your thoughts and reactions by answering the discussion prompt in one original post (500  words minimum).  Complete your Module 1 discussion by replying to a classmate’s original post (300 words minimum).  Please note that you can only see everyone’s comments after you submit your original post.

Reflect upon the differences in the writings of these two categories of people—the conquistadors and the indigenous people of the New World.  What did each side observe about one another?  Where do you see their assumptions, expectations, and judgments towards the other group’s lifestyle and beliefs?  What problems do you see with the reliability of these accounts?


In regards to  Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Select an article that’s less than three years old related to SHRM and discuss:

the main points the author make. Do you agree? Why or why not? 

What would make this article stronger? Bring in at least one other author viewpoint on the topic (from your background readings or library research), comparing or contrasting it to the article that you read.

You have a choice for the format of your submission, either submit:

Provide 2-3 page paper with an introduction and conclusion, not including cover page or reference page. 

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