Abnormal Behavior

Review the common features present in psychological abnormalities, referred to as “the four Ds” in your textbook. Think about concrete examples of abnormal behavior you have experienced or encountered.

Post a response to the following:

  • In your description, be sure to identify and explain elements that relate to each of “the four Ds.”
  • Explain at least one cultural factor that may have impacted whether the behavior described would be considered abnormal.
  • Discuss two limitations of “the four Ds” in defining abnormal behavior highlighted in your personal experience or encounter. If you do not feel there were limitations per your experience or encounter, explain at least one limitation of “the four Ds” approach to defining abnormality in general.
  • In conclusion, discuss your reaction to the ongoing challenge of settling upon one definition of abnormality.


Research the Internet to obtain information on MBSA and security audits.

  1. Review the critical considerations to prepare a security audit.
  2. Organize all the steps necessary for a security audit.
  3. Provide a proper justification for each step mentioned in the security audit.
  4. Submit the audit documentation to this forum.

Note:  posts is required to have in-text citations and references.

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