A Place at the Table

Watch the documentary “ A Place at the Table” I have a DVD copy to loan or link here: https://youtu.be/KRK1c8GnYfY 

After viewing the documentary prepare a presentation by answering the following questions in 2-3 page paper (APA if you are citing outside sources)

  1. What is the effect of food insecurity on those featured in film?        
  2. What social determinants impact food insecurity?
  3. What role does health care providers play?
  4. What role should or could nursing have played?
  5. One in three children born in the year 2000 will develop Type 2 diabetes. What are some factors in the film that add to the reasons why diet-related illness is increasing in young people at such an unprecedented level? What are some potential solutions to help slow down the rampant numbers of childhood diabetes? 
  6. Diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes are mentioned, which are exacerbated by obesity, as a growing concern among children. Education is noted as the only solution and that it needs to start “very early on.” What are some examples from the film of ways that young people are being educated in their community about the importance of eating healthy food? 
  7. As the film shows, one child experiences developmental delays because of poor nutrition. Many children like him don’t have the adequate nutrition to support reasonable growth and development. Think about the children in your own community/practice who are struggling with these very problems. What steps can you, or your public officials take to better meet the needs of these children?
  8. What are your overall feelings on the film?



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