Why Program Design is Important?

Answer the following questions:

  1. What is a program design?
  2. Why program design is important?
  3. What program design tools are available? Discuss in details by studying at least three program design tools and how they can help in better program design and C code?
  4. What happens if you don’t utilize program designing techniques in developing large C programs?

ASSIGNMENT EXPECTATIONS & REQUIREMENTS: Discuss your responses to questions posed in details with examples. Minimum of THREE pages with single space. Review and incorporate following assignment expectations. Include all of these expectations in to your responses for this assignment:

  • Title page (Not included in required page count of three pages single space)
  • References (Not included in required page count of three pages single space)
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion.

Furthermore, it is expected that your essay(s) & written Assignment responses should provide:

  1. Thoughtful and detailed responses with your analysis and real-life examples.
  2. Justification and defense of what you write with unbiased research based references & analysis.
  3. Diversification in references. Do not use Wikipedia.
  4. Established link, use and application of concepts learned from your textbook.
  5. Use of APA or MLA styles.
  6. Use of online library resource called EBSCO host to do your research.
  7. Submit your written work by the DUE DATE.
  8. Review your written work for spell checks etc. prior to your submission.
  9. Review the APA Resource section located on the left hand side of the course when writing your essays.
  10. Note: Students are required to use course textbook so concepts and ideas should come from text along with other unbiased research based sources. This is what we call adding, linking and applying of concepts from your text/unbiased research resources into responses. This strategy also helps provides thoughtful, detailed and educated responses.

Business Law


This project requires you to identify and analyze legal issues and to make recommendations based on one or more fact patterns. The issues will relate to the concepts covered in weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4 about the legal environment of business and business organizations.


This project contains three sections.  You must respond to each section.  You must use Headings (Section) and Sub-headings (Numbers) in your submission (points will be deducted if you do not properly label your responses.  If a question is numbered, your response should also be numbered.


Section I – Sam and Irene

Sam and his sister Irene, are partners in an important business located in a small town in Rhode Island.  Irene is married to a well-known real estate developer and is campaigning to be the mayor of their town.  Sam is in his mid-thirties and has never been married. Both siblings travel to other countries to purchase the goods they sell at their retail store.  Irene buys Indonesian goods, and Sam buys goods from Africa.  After a tsunami destroys many of the cities in Indonesia to which Irene usually travels, she phones one of her contacts there and asks him to procure some items and ship them to her.  He informs her that it will be impossible to buy these items now because the townspeople are being evacuated due to a water shortage.  Irene is angry and tells the man that if he cannot purchase the goods, he should just take them without paying for them after the town has been evacuated.  Sam overhears his sister’s instructions and is outraged.


They have a falling-out, and Sam decides that he no longer wishes to be in business with his sister.


1. Suppose that Sam tells several of his friends about Irene instructing the man to take goods without paying for them after the tsunami disaster.  If Irene files a tort action against Sam alleging slander, will her suit be successful?  Why or why not?

2. Now suppose that Irene wins the election and becomes the city’s mayor. Several months later Irene receives a shipment of goods from the man to whom she spoke in Indonesia. Sam asks his sister how she was able to get the goods and she replied, “I’ve got my ways.”  Both Sam and his sister believe the goods were obtained fraudulently.

Sam then writes a letter to the editor of the local newspaper disclosing Irene’s misconduct. If Irene accuses Sam of committing libel, what defenses could Sam assert? Discuss fully.

3. Suppose now that Irene, who is angry with her brother for disclosing her business improprieties, writes a letter to the editor falsely accusing Sam of having sexual relations with her neighbor’s thirteen-year-old daughter.  For what intentional tort or torts could Sam sue Irene in this situation? Discuss fully.

Section II – Sam and Marvin

Sam wanted to get away from it all and learned that “One Step, Two Step” an extremely popular band was coming to town.  One Step, Two Step is old school in that patrons must buy tickets in person at one location in each venue.  Sam went to the local sports complex and waited in line overnight to ensure he got good seats. He didn’t want to be lonely so he took his pet ferret (a small animal, an exotic pet) with him.

The ticket office opened at 7:00 but by 10:00 the line had barely moved.  As he was about 10 people away from being serviced, an irate customer, Marvin, came running through the line screaming that his girlfriend was up ahead and he had to tell her what to buy.  Marvin accidentally hit Sam forcefully, breaking Sam’s arm.

In addition, Sam had his pet ferret in his coat pocket. The impact caused the ferret to die. Marvin said that the slowness of the line and the thought of getting the wrong seats caused him to “lose it.”

Sam has sued Marvin for his injuries, the loss of his ferret, and emotional distress related to these.   Discuss Sam’s claims, any defenses and their likely resolution.

1       Sam’s injuries

2       Loss of ferret

3      Emotional distress

Section III – Sam and Region West

After his injury in the concert ticket line Sam went to Northeast Southwest Central Hospital and was treated for his broken arm.  At the same time, he received a complete physical where he was diagnosed and treated for genital herpes.  A nurse, Edith Amy, who was a hospital employee, told her friends and some of Sam’s friends about Sam’s condition.  This was a violation of the hospital’s employee handbook and HIPAA (federal privacy law relating to patient’s personal information), which required employees to maintain the confidentiality of patients’ records.

Sam filed suit in a federal district court against the hospital, among others, alleging that the hospital should be held liable for its employee’s actions on the basis of respondeat Superior. On what basis might the court hold that the hospital was not liable for Edith Amy’s acts? Discuss fully

Leadership And Ethics Paper

Professional Ethical Code Essay (5-7 pages; 50 points)

Critically reflect upon your personal and professional experiences in light of the course readings and discussions. Drawing upon and applying the course concept and using them to support your ideas, thoughtfully articulate your perspective on the following concepts. Be sure to refer to the grading rubric in the Handouts section of the course for grading criteria.

Part I: Professional Ethical Code

    1. What does ethics mean to you, particularly organizational and professional ethics?
    2. What are the core components of an ethical decision making decisions process? How does your decision making process ensure that the decision is ethical and “reasonably does not harm”?
    3. What is your professional code of ethics?

·      How does it relate to (or is grounded in) one or a combination of the concepts/frameworks/systems discussed in the course?

·      What are your core values, principles, etc.?

·      What are the strengths and limitations of your ethical code?

    1. What factors shaped/influenced your ethical code?
      • Do you belong to a profession that has an articulated professional code? If yes, outline its core principles and standards.
      • How have you incorporated them into your own code of ethics?
      • How do professional associations help ensure the integrity of professionals?

Part II: Ethical Leadership

A.     What are the core qualities of an ethical leader?

B.     What challenges do organizational leaders face today?

C.     How can a leader work for the benefit of all of an organization’s stakeholders, including being a responsible global citizen?


Part III: Application/Example

A.   Provide an example of a leader who meets your criteria of an ethical leader. This can be from your own life, experiences, or someone who is known publicly.

War and Peace

War and Peace” Please respond to the following:

  • Based on the lecture and Webtext materials, address the following:
  • Identify and discuss a specific event in the U.S. where social upheaval occurred.
  • Analyze specific reasons why developed nations do not experience the same kinds of social upheaval.
  • Discuss substantive ways in which armed conflict can contribute to or distract a developing economy and infrastructure.
  • Note: Please discuss all issues in a sensitive and respectful manner. When discussing a developing country, focus on the country you will use for Assignment 1 next week. Cite your sources. Include one source outside the webtext or lecture.

1968 was a year of social upheaval in the U.S. Consider these events and others as you respond to the discussion question this week.

  • The Tet Offensive was a surprise military action launched by North Vietnam in January 1968 against South Vietnam and allied U.S. forces.
  • The Johnson administration’s poor handling of this event and lack of honesty in addressing the American public gave momentum to the anti-war movement.
  • Both Martin Luther King Jr. and Democratic presidential candidate Robert Kennedy were assassinated in the spring of 1968.
  • Also in the spring of 1968, student activists organized campus protests, rallies, sit-ins, and marches, culminating in the largest student strike in U.S. history on April 26.
  • The Democratic National Convention was disrupted by anti-war demonstrations.


Focus of the Final Paper

For the final paper, you will examine key concepts of leadership in your place of work, or in a social organization to which you may belong that has leadership concepts (Rotary club, athletic team, scout leader, etc). Include the following in your paper:

  1. Apply one of the leadership theories from the course text to the organization. Explain how the theory works and include an example.
  2. Explain the effect of power and influence that leaders have on followers in the organization. Are the followers receptive? Would you recommend another strategy? Explain your reasoning. If not, why not?
  3. Evaluate the role and effectiveness of transformational and transactional leadership in the organization. Support your (claims, points?) with examples (from?).
  4. Assess the traits and characteristics of an effective team leader within the organization.
  5. Explain how the leadership supports vision, mission, and strategy in the organization.
  6. If you were the leader in the organization, what would you change and why?


Writing the Final Paper

The Final Paper:

  1. Must be eight to ten double-spaced pages in length (excluding the title and reference pages), and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
  2. Must include a title page with the following:
    • Title of paper
    • Student’s name
    • Course name and number
    • Instructor’s name
    • Date submitted
  3. Must begin with an introductory paragraph that has a succinct thesis statement.
  4. Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought.
  5. Must end with a conclusion that reaffirms your thesis.
  6. Must use at least three scholarly sources (other than the text), including a minimum of one from the Ashford Online Library.
  7. Must document all sources in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
  8. Must include a separate reference page, formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

writing this essay as a HR Director of a Fortune 500 Company

Question description

Assignment overview and directions:

You are writing this essay as a HR Director of a Fortune 500 Company. The corporation has is a multinational organization and based in the United States. You are being asked to identify your knowledge of HRIS and to make a suggestion about a new piece of technology for each of the weekly learning objectives for weeks 2-6 in your HRMT415 class. Your boss has asked you to discuss one new piece of technology that you could use for each weekly topic (Weeks 2-6) in your HRMT class. These should be different from any of the technology that you discussed in your week #5 paper. For clarification, these are the topics that were discussed in the course for weeks 2-6:

The weekly Material for weeks 2-6 was as follows:

1) Week #2 – E-Recruiting

2) Week #3 – E-Selection

3) Week #4 – Self-Service & HR Portals

4) Week #5 – E-Learning & Training

5) Week #6 – Performance Management

Each of these topics should be about one page in length and answer the questions above. You should also tell me what is important to consider with each of the decisions that you make. A good place to find information is in our library and on the SHRM website. This paper will required you to research HRIS technology to discuss.

This should be the format of your Paper:

1) Introduction should discuss the evolution of HR. You should use our reading material for week #1 and any research that you have completed from outside sources to briefly discuss the evolution of HRIS

2) Second paragraph should discuss our reading material about the important consideration in developing and implanting and HRIS. This paragraph should tell your boss how you would recommend the development and setup or an HRIS for your organization. You can call the organization Fortune 500 Co,

3) The next five pages should discuss the material for weeks 2—6 that is listed above.

4) You should then end your paper with a conclusion about the future of HR and what you might be able to implement in the organization in the future. You should also tell your boss about any culture or acceptance problems that you might foresee in your organization when implementing the HRIS. This material is in our reading material for week #7

Paper Format:

A. Abstract

B. Title Page – Include a title page with your name, student number, title of your review, course number, course name, session, section, semester and date.

C. Introductory Paragraph – Include an introductory paragraph.

D. Font and Spacing – Use Arial or Times New Roman 12 pitch font with double spaced lines.

E. Length – Write a 2 page review not including the title page and citation page.

F. Reference Page – Include all sources on a Reference page

2. Utilize the APA Style for the review and to documenting sources.

3. Punctuation, essay format (thesis, supporting paragraphs with transition and topic sentences, and summary) grammar and documentation count toward your grade.

Ethics Audit

The discussion this week is based around an ethics audit and is probably the easiest discussion assignment in the course. As usual, the initial post should be a minimum of 200 words and the replies to classmates should be a minimum of 75 words. Additional details are posted on the discussion board.

Using your own organization or one with which you are familiar, take the Corporate Culture Ethics Audit on p. 188.

1) Briefly describe the organization and report the score (the number of “yes” answers).

2) Choose one of the questions which received a “no” answer, and describe why that question is important.

3) Discuss the changes you would recommend over the course of one year to ensure that question would receive a “yes” answer in the future. The post should be a minimum of 250 words and your recommendation(s) should be supported with evidence from a minimum of two sources, including the book.

Update the subject line of the initial post so that it reflects what you are writing about.

I recommend not choosing the question about happiness, job satisfaction, and turnover. Why? First, the question is really asking about three separate variables. Second, those variables can be affected by a number of factors that are not related to ethics.

Whatever audit question you choose, the recommendations should address the ethical aspects of that question. For example, employee turnover and job satisfaction might be influenced by low wages. Increasing compensation might reduce turnover and increase satisfaction, but that solution is more directly related to the management and organizational behavior courses. For this discussion, it is more important to address the factors that influence the relationship between ethics and turnover and/or the relationship between ethics and satisfaction

Resource Class

Question description


You are a first year special education teacher and have been assigned a teaching position for ninth grade special education students taking both English and Math.

Students meet with you for 50 minutes each day to get help with homework, to finish classwork, and to get extra support in each subject area.

You will need to structure the class so that student needs in both subject areas will have time to be addressed. Use the provided information about your students, found in the attached “Class Profile.”

With the information provided, compose a two-part 750-1,000-word essay addressing the following:

Part 1:

  • Questions about your teaching assignment before it begins, including any requests for additional information;
  • Questions of fellow teachers and administration; and
  • Information needed before the end of the first week of school.

Provide a rationale for each item citing both the text and “Class Profile” as appropriate.

Part 2:

  • Provide a minimum of three possible ways to structure the classroom setting.
  • Provide a minimum of two possible ways to structure a class period.
  • Provide a minimum of three instructional strategies, to include accommodations and/or assistive technology, to meet the curricular content needs of your students in both the English and Math classes.

Use the text and a minimum of two scholarly resources to support your essay.

Document with a list of students names and electronic resources that may help are provided below.

Electronic Resource

1. Deeper Learning: Why Cross-Curricular Teaching is Essential

Read “Deeper Learning: Why Cross-Curricular Teaching is Essential,” by Johnson, from the Edutopia website.


2. Ways to Make Cross-Curricular Connections in Instruction

Read “Ways to Make Cross-Curricular Connections in Instruction,” by Kelly, from the About Education website.


Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines

Analyze the policies

Question description

For this Assignment, you will analyze a state, federal, or global social welfare policy that affects an at-risk, marginalized, oppressed, underrepresented, or over looked group population. Finally, consider the impact of social policy from the perspective of the group you selected.

Assignment In addition to a minimum of eight scholarly references, which may include electronic government documents and reputable websites, your paper should include:

A description of the current policy approach for addressing the social issue you selected
A description of the current policy goals for addressing the social issue you selected
A description of the population the current policy approach covers
An explanation of the funding levels for the current policy approach and whether they are sufficient to address the issue
An explanation of how this policy may affect at-risk, marginalized, underrepresented, overlooked, or oppressed populations. Identify a specific at-risk population.
An analysis of whether or not the policy meets the needs of the population groups most affected by the policy.
Recommendations for alternative policies that would address the gaps identified in the policy. Please be specific in recommendations.
Paper fully addresses all instruction prompts.
Paper demonstrates an excellent understanding of all of the concepts and key points presented in the text(s) and Learning Resources. Paper provides significant detail including multiple relevant examples, evidence from the readings and other sources, and discerning ideas. Paper demonstrates exemplary critical thought.
demonstrates excellent knowledge related to policy and policy implications. Student is able to identify a specific policy, goals of the policy, and funding for policy.
Student demonstrates exemplary critical thought when analyzing policy implications. Student demonstrates excellent analysis of policy impact and recommendations for alternative policy.

Non-Financial Data

Question descriptionPrompt: Using the SEC’s EDGAR database, search for a large public company and download the most recent Form 10-K. This form contains all the information that must be reported annually to the SEC. Within this form, ensure that it includes footnotes, the management discussion and analysis (MD&A) sections, review each of the previously listed sections, and discuss any off-balance sheet financing, management concerns, management’s expectations for the future, and anything interesting or out of the ordinary. Feel free to supplement your search with current articles that discuss your chosen company and the industry in which it operates.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

I. Company Selection: Select and name the public company along with the fiscal year-end of the annual report that includes footnotes and the management discussion and analysis (MD&A) sections.

II. Footnotes: Review the footnotes of the financial statements and describe off-balance sheet financing in general or with specific examples provided within the Form 10-K of the selected company (e.g., operating lease or through special purpose entities).

III. Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A): Review the MD&A of the annual report. Management often discusses issues of concern in this area of their report. They also include projected financial statements, which may suggest ideas about the firm’s potential for future earnings. a. Describe any management concerns listed and/or explain anything you find interesting or out of the ordinary. b. Describe any projections and/or future expectations of the management.