Youth Incarceration And Justice


For this assignment, you are only asked to organize your thoughts and submit a proposal for your presentation due in Module 3. You can look ahead to Chapter 10: “Minority Youth and Crime” to help outline your thoughts.

For your presentation (due in Module 3) you will be asked to record a video segment of yourself describing the issues facing minority youth and then identifying one youth program that is impacting youth positively. You can look at not-for-profit organizations, police department programs, after-school programs, etc.

For this assignment please only submit a one-page proposal for your recorded presentation. Basically an outline of your thoughts about the program you have selected for your recorded presentation. Include the program’s mission, its funding source, its positive and/or negative outcomes, etc. Explain how you found your information, the conclusions you have made based on your research, and any reform recommendations that you may have

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