Your Preschool Classroom Paper


You are opening your own preschool, write a 4 – 6-page paper that supports the following information with reflection of what we have been learning in class:

  1. Your preschool information
  2. Identify by title and author a minimum of 10 children’s books and media form that support identity development and anti-bias thinking and represent home language, culture and traditions, stories and songs, that you would implement in your preschool classroom.
  3. Describe your preschool environment and curriculum that you will use to reflect the children’s cultures and experiences and that expose children to the larger communities in which they live.
  4. Identify why you would use certain posters, pictures, and activities in your preschool classroom sharing how they are not biased, and provide a minimum of one example of what you would do if a child were to say something to another child that was biased regarding: culture, ethnicity, gender, or physical ability.

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