Writing a Blog

Due in two hours

Write a 300-word blog-style article using this topic: FUNCTION ROOMS FOR HIRE BRISBANE

The article must be engaging, informative, but short and concise. No How To or advertising/hard sell type of content. No Wikipedia style of writing either.
It should be creative and entice the reader to share it on social media.
Use simple, easy to understand words.
Do not use 1st person point of view writing. Use 2nd (YOU) or 3rd person (he, she, they) POV
Use the appropriate language. If there is an area included in the keyword, it should tell you about the client’s target market. In the absence of any specific location, gear your article towards an American, British or Australian audience.
Use subheadings to make the blog scannable.
Do not plagiarize. Do not submit a rewrite of an existing copy either. For technical topics, the product specifications or description can be quoted as is.
Include your sources at the bottom of the article for fact-checking purposes.
The article you submit for the screening will never be posted online and claimed as ours. Please note that the article you submit for the screening will not be paid.

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