World Social Forum

Question 1

Outline how development theory has evolved in history. Then discuss to what extent development theory has served the interests of the global North.

Question 2

Outline the nature of neoliberalism, and then discuss the effects of neoliberal globalization on Africa.

Question 3

Discuss the explanations by Marxist theorists (Bond) and dependency theorists (Wallerstein and Arrighi et al) of why there is enduring poverty in South Africa.

Question 4

Discuss the strategies of the World Social Forum and the anti-corporate globalisation activists against the current capitalist order

Question 5

Outline the main ideas of the decolonial thought. Then discuss Ndlovu-Gatsheni’s suggestions of how decolonial ideas might be applied in Africa.

Question 6

Discuss whether a developmental state is possible in South Africa.

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