World of Leadership

1) Add an intellectually probing question

2) Answer a question: “Do you think leaders are becoming more unethical or is the media simply doing a better job of reporting unethical issues? “

A percentage of the modern leaders in political as well as business and religion have brought shame to the once very coveted position of being a leader. There are scandals hitting the world of leadership from all corners. Leaders have turned to be controversial putting away the values and ethics required in their position. The worst area, however, has been in political leadership where controversy follows another controversy day in and day out. The pronouncement being made by our political leaders in their meetings and during official sessions are sickening. The way they conduct they alone tell you that there is something wrong in the leadership.

Despite this, there is still hope in leadership since there are still a number of ethical leaders amongst ourselves. There are leaders who have demonstrated a sense of character-based leadership in their position in society. They are people of good character who are ready to put aside their personal urge but rather serve their followers in the right manner (Eric, 2011). One of such leaders in the modern world is Dan Amos.

Dan Amos has been credited as a leading figure in terms of ethics and taking care of personal as well as company values. The chairman and the chief Executive officer of Aflac Company is an award-winning personal in the world most ethical company’s awards and leader. He has won awards in the United States insurance sales categories and continues to be recognized among the top leaders who are revolutionizing the sense of leadership across the globe. He looks at ethics as a mindset rather than an option. He has chosen the path of ethics in performing his duties and ensuring that the company is better to place for him and his employees.

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