Workplace Evaluation


     You just opened a small company and got your first contract to  design a new product. You divided your employees up into two teams of  three to see who could come up with the best new designs. You gave them a  week to work. As you observed their work, you noticed how noisy it was  in your open-plan space. You also noticed some arguing, and one of your  best designers had to go home early with a migraine. After a week of  work, you called the teams back to see what they accomplished and you  were very disappointed. The designs were just not up to standard.     


     When you asked your workers what the problem was, they had a long  list of issues with the workspace. You know you need to revamp your  office if your company is going to be successful, but you need to take  inventory before you can begin improvements.     




     Design an informational infographic to help employers evaluate their workplace environment.     


Infographic must include:        

At least 5 qualities of a creative workplace, with text and graphics.

  • At least 5 obstacles to workers’ creativity, with text and graphics.


  • Resources
  • undefined

What is an infographic and how do I create one?

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