Working Capital

Question 1

In your role as a first time entrepreneur, you have to plan a new business start-up in order to secure funding from financial institutions or private investors.

You are therefore required to prepare a paper to outline and explain the following:

  1. The new venture concept, the opportunity gap in the market and why you are confident that this new business is feasible. [ 800 words / 20 marks]
  2. The requirements for the new business start-up together with the management skills needed to make the business successful. [ 800 words / 20 marks ]
  3. Your proposed business model to explain how the new venture will work to achieve positive financial results and by when.
  4. How you propose to manage business risks.
  5. The conditions which must prevail to avoid failure.

[1600 words / 40 marks ]

[ 400 words / 10 marks ] [ 400 words / 10 marks ]

You must undertake the necessary research and critically evaluate the feasibility and potential financial performance of the proposed business. You should indicate how you hope to raise the necessary finance and how you intend to manage the working capital of the business.Q

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