Work Term Experience

Question 1

Using a tax preparation software – preferably the Profile software that is provided free of charge by Intuit Canada to students of this course – and the facts given below, complete the tax return (T1) for Mr. James Doode and his common-law partner, Susan Bond, for the 2017 taxation year, including all relevant schedules, forms and worksheets, e.g. Form T2125 must be used for the calculation of business income, etc. Ignore any GST or HST aspects. You must submit the completed tax returns for both James and Susan through the Case Study page on the Blackboard portal by attaching the file containing the data for both tax returns if you used the Profile tax software (both files with a .17T extension) – do not attach the program file for the Profile software (file called “profile.exe”) as that file does not contain the data for the tax returns you prepared. NOTE: no marks will be given for submitting the Profile program file alone.

Question 2

Academic Connection (Maximum 4 pages)

Think of three distinct academic theories learned during any course completed in your Bachelor of Commerce Program which were either challenged or supported during a work term. You must identify and describe each academic

Requirements Co-op Reflection and Career Plan 7

theory then provide a detailed explanation of how a specific work term experience either supported or challenged the theory. There should be one example for each academic theory. For example, an academic theory would be segmentation. The theory needs to be defined (sourcing the definition) then include a specific example of how segmentation was used in the business. Followed by an explanation of how the theory applied in the business world supported or challenged what was explained in the classroom. It can be any theory from any course however, do not just state a course name as a theory.

All secondary information must be sourced using APA format which includes both in-text citation and a reference page. Not citing secondary information is considered plagiarism.

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