Work Sampling Study


This first case study will be the beginning of your exploration of research application with regards to management issues. Be sure to read it carefully, then based on your experiences and your reading, provide your assessment and recommendations. You will need to review your colleagues’ assessments as well and provide substantive feedback.

  • Week 5 Discussion Question: Case Study
    Researcher Adams wants to conduct a work sampling study and decides to research how much time is spent at the water coolers and what employees say there. He believes the best way to do this is to install a hidden camera and microphone. Adams wants to be sure proper research ethics are followed. He determines that because employees voluntarily came to work here and abide by company policies and decisions, this takes care of informed consent. He does not intend to let others know of the results except the Board of Directors so confidentiality is there. What is your assessment of Adams and his approach? Would you approach the work sampling differently? 


A patient receiving morphine has an order for naloxone (Narcan) PRN. Why is the naloxone ordered? What are the indications for using this drug? Compare and contrast naloxone with other narcotic antagonists.

Summarize your findings in an APA format.



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