Women in war

  • Students will select a female personality or conflict from the Topic: Women at War and critically analyze 2 readings related to it (assigned/approved by the lecturer.
  • Choose two of the readings attached.
  • Word count: 1000-1500 words.
  • Each student must post at least 2 discussion questions on their chosen topic via the discussion board.
  • (APA style only).
  • Seeks to understand the course concepts and theories by demonstrates an open, non- defensive ability to critically engage with the materials assigned for this reflection topic. Risks asking probing questions about self and seeks to answer these
  • In-depth synthesis of thoughtfully selected aspects of experiences related to the topic, Makes clear connections between what is learned from outside experiences and the topic.
  • Makes clear connections between what is learned from readings and the topic. Demonstrate further analysis and insight resulting from what you have learned from reading, includes reference to at least two readings other than those assigned for class.
  • Synthesize, analyze and evaluate thoughtfully selected aspects of ideas or issues from the class discussion as they relate to this topic.

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