Windshield Survey Assignment

You are studying the assessment phase and more in nursing process for PHN.  Using your references in text and supports provided (or found), you are to conduct a Windshield Survey of an environment NOT in your personal neighborhood.  

 This assignment may be individual or a team effort. 

 If you are with a N. 348L student team in your home county, consider an assessment of that community as a team. 

 Study the Assessment element of the PH Nursing Process, referencing at least four sources 

 Attempt to select an area that has likely challenges for determinants of health. 

 Complete the survey using the guidelines below. 

 Then, in 3-5 pages of text, present your Survey in an APA-formatted paper, using headings for the numbered survey elements below.  Teams may present the same paper (developed mutually by the team).

 Plan to cite at least four sources in presenting your understandings.

 Start with your introduction, including a brief but referenced description of what a Windshield Survey is.   

 Then follow with headings as in bold below. 

 Create a conclusion, attach reference page.  

 NO abstract needed.  


A. INTRODUCTION (5 points)

a) SUGGESTION:  What is Public Health?  How do PHNs gather information? What is a windshield survey? How does a survey support determining the critical determinants of health? 

B. Survey Elements (40 points)

1. Neighborhood Boundaries (5 pt)

a) North, South, East and West boundaries

b) Commercial or residential

c) Is the community identified by a name?

2. Housing (5 pt)

a) Approximate age, type of architecture, construction materials

b) Single/ Multi-family

c) Size of yards

d) General condition

e) Vacancies

f) Vehicles parked in driveways, on streets

g) Streetlights, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, open drainage ditches

3. Open spaces (5 pt)

a) How much green space is seen

b) Parks and recreational; areas, Lighted?

c) Public open space or private. Does it appear to be used? By whom?

d) Trash, abandoned vehicles

4. Schools (5 pt) a) Presence of elementary, middle and high school   Private or public b) Play areas, sports fields c) School grounds well-kept d) School bus stops, Cross walks for pedestrians

5. Human services (5 pt) a) Hospitals, Health services b) Physician offices, health clinics or health centers, dentists c) Alternative medicine (acupuncture, massage) d) Social agencies  e) Welfare, WIC, social services f) Senior centers, child care centers

6. Transportation (5 pt) a) How do people get in and out of the neighborhood  b) Car, bus, train, bicycle, walk c) Streets and roads conducive to transportation d) Condition of the streets e) Bus stops and public transportation f) High traffic area?  g) Speed limit signs, speed zones, traffic calming

7. Protective Services (5 pt) a) Police, Fire and Emergency services b) Fire stations, fire hydrants c) Evidence of security systems in the homes d) Neighborhood Watch program e) Evacuation route posted  f) Emergency shelter

8. Neighborhood Life (5 pt) a) Who is present on the streets  b) Men, women, children, teens, the elderly c) What ethnic groups are part of the neighborhood  d) Bilingual signage e) Evidence of informal gathering spaces/hangouts  f) What are they? Who are they for? g) Social clubs or cultural organizations h) Evidence of interaction among neighbors i) Evidence of homelessness j) Animals present (stray dogs/cats, dogs on leashes)

C. CONCLUSIONS (5 points) Explain the important points made in this paper; the observations, the impressions, and your reactions based on use of all senses in the process.

D. SCHOLARLY WRITING (5 points) 1. Paper is well written, organized, and within page limitations 2. Paper is supported by minimum of four (4) contemporary (< 5 years old) scholarly references (you may include text as one) 3. Grammar, spelling, punctuation is tight 4. Conform to APA standards, i.e. on TITLE page, headings, citations, and reference page.

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