Why should alcohol be banned?

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Issue Analysis (Assignment #4) You will introduce an issue to an “uninformed audience and make the debates that underpin the issue more obvious” by writing a “well-researched essay that examines, explains, and analyzes an issue with multiple, possibly conflicting perspectives” (FY). The issue analysis is a minimum of 1500 words, but no more than 2000 words

The sources used are:

Crawford. Pat. “ Energy drinks are killing teenagers. This has to stop.” Chicago Tribune HistoricalArchive, www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/commentary/ct-energy-drinksdangeruscaffeine-20170530-story.html. Accessed 30 May 2017. The Chicago Tribune published an article about how energy drinks are killing teenagers. This explains cases in which energy drinks have affected a person in a negative impact. This also shows the impact of the Energy drinks on students.

Harmes, Laura. “ Teachers call for ban on energy drinks in schools .” BBC News , www.bbc.comnewshealth-42298192. Accessed 10 Dec. 2017. This article is about the

teachers deciding to call for a ban of energy drinks in school because the teachers are

concerned that the students do not realize the high levels of stimulants that energy drinks contain. Energy drinks can be addicting and can be hard to quit so teachers believe they should completely be cut off.

Johnson, Stephen. “ Girl, 15, dies after mixing alcohol and energy drinks – as police warn of the dangers of copying online booze cocktails .” daily mail , www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia girl-15-dies-after mixing-alcohol-and-energy-drinks-–-as-police-warn-of-the-dangers-of copying-online-booze cocktails/ar-AAywhhY. Accessed 6 Dec. 2017. Johnson discusses a case in

which a 15 year old girl died after mixing alcohol and energy drinks.This caused an investigation in the consequences of energy drinks and alcohol and people should not experiment with high risk drinks.

Pearce, Marc. “ The banning of alcoholic energy drinks. ” American Psychological Association , www.apa.orgmonitor/2012/02/jn.aspx. Accessed Feb. 2012. Pearce describes the process of banning alcoholic energy drinks and the concerns of the products. Pearce got his PhD at the University of Nebraska. Pearce discusses research that discusses social network. Pearce was the assistant dean for student affairs and administration which shows why he has an interest in this topic.

Thompson Sylvia “ What are ‘energy drinks’ and should they be banned?” The Irish times , www.irishtimes.com/lifeand-style/health-family/what-are-energy-drinks-and-should-they-be banned-1.3368587. Accessed 28 Jan. 2018. The Irish times discusses what an energy drink contains and discusses the negative and positive factors of them. It shows how caffeine affects the heart rate in a negative way but it offers people energy. This article discusses evidence for the dangers of energy drinks on young people.

“ Energy Drink Ban: Should Children Be Restricted From Buying?” Caffeine informer , www.caffeineinformer.com/energy-drink-ban-the-beginning-of-the-end. This article is about the statistics of how much caffeine is consumed by children and adolescents. It also explains the importance of caffeine safety and why the sale of energy drinks should be restricted. Caffeine informer is made to show the affects of caffeine and how to calculate a healthy amount of caffeine.

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