What Will Happen in the U.S. Economy?

What Will Happen in the U.S. Economy?

Your first topic is on whether the Corona Virus Preparedness and Response Act will be effective in helping the health of the U.S. economy through this economic downfall.  You are to take a position of yes or no, and then justify through your research why you have taken that position.  This is a college paper, so it is expected that your paper does not have grammatical errors and sources are sited in APA format.  You must research and site at least 3 sources refer directly to the Corona Virus Preparedness and Response Act in Word and PDF format.  Take my advice that researching trusted sources like Barons and the Wall Street Journal’s summaries of the law online will be easier than digging through the law itself like economists like me do.

 The essay guidelines are posted in the Essay Folder in Blackboard and entitled How to Write an Economic Essay. 

This should be an easy essay to write because you only need three body paragraphs and there are many different aspects of the bill that easily can be the topics of the paragraphs to support your position.  Here are just a portion of what provisions the act has.

Stimulus Checks

Unemployment Insurance

Paid Family Leave

Paid Sick Leave

Mortgage and Renter Relief

Student Loan Relief

Relaxation of Retirement Plan Penalties

Make sure that the sources that you site are credible such as: Federal Reserve, Wall Street Journal, Barons, other Government sources.  As a reminder one of the main problems with fiscal policy is timing.  So, this should be discussed as timing in good because, or timing is bad because depending on the position that you will be taking.  I hope these suggestions help.  I will be looking forward to reading your papers and reporting back to you all about what your class differences or consensus comes out in your papers. 

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