Weight Loss

Using the Internet, research one of the supplements listed below and answer the questions that follow. Assignments must be at least 200 words.


 Herbalife

 Thermonex

 Juice Plus

 Thermogenic Hydroxycut

 Carcinia Cabogia

 Cellucor Weight Loss Combo

 SlimQuick Pure Weight Loss

 Xenadrine Ultra Weight Loss


 CLA60


 Abidexin

 Emergen-C

 Airborne

 St. John’s Wort

 BSN Syntha 6

 Pro-Stat Liquid Protein  Acai

 Echinacea

 Yohimbe

1. What is the name of the supplement you researched and is it approved by the FDA?

2. What are the health claims of the supplement? Are the claims backed by evidence

or research?

3. How much does the supplement cost?

4. What are the potential dangers of the supplement?

5. Is this a product you would recommend? Why or why not?

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