Weekly Journal Assignment

This assignment requires that you keep a journal of your responses to the weekly readings from Weeks 2 to 6. Each week you’ll be expected to read and explore the assigned resources and think about the way particular narratives shape and limit our understanding of the world.

You will submit your 5 journal entries (approx. 300 words each) via Canvas week to week. Each response should have the following form:

– Identify the assigned reading or resource that you’re responding to.
– Submit a cultural example you’ve come across that illustrates one of the themes of the reading. Your example might be a news item, an image, an advertisement, a turn of phrase, an infographic, a game, or a movie — it’s up to you. Record the source of your example (for published items provide a full reference, for online resources provide a URL, for other examples briefly describe where or how you experienced them).
– In a couple of sentences identify (a) the particular cultural narrative that the example reinforces; and (b) how this is communicated, e.g. through visual metaphors, cliches, the particular choice of language, curatorial choices etc.
– Critically reflect upon which voices or perspectives are left out of the identified narrative.


The assignment is an opportunity for students to develop their own critical voice, improving their writing skills to allow for clear and effective communication of their ideas (Learning Outcome 2, Graduate Attributes 1 and 3). It stimulates original thinking and research while encouraging students to explore socially and historically marginalised perspectives (Learning Outcome 1, Graduate Attribute 2).


Your journal will be assessed against the following criteria:

– Your level of engagement with the assigned readings and resources
– Your ability to find and analyse interesting and original examples relating to the readings
– The overall quality of your journal, including expression, spelling, style, presentation, and referencing.
The sources are:


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