Water Pollution

Write a 750-1,000-word essay about water quality in your community   that addresses the following points:

  1. Obtain a water quality report from your local municipality within the last two years and discuss what you found in the report?
  2. Identify a water quality issue happening in your community and where the pollution comes from? This includes point sources (for example, water discharge from a factory; contamination from a Superfund site), Non-point sources (for example, agricultural     runoff), and Natural sources.
  3. Describe how the pollution source is impacting the environment and human health in your community, and provide two examples of each.
  4. Identify three management practices to minimize water pollution.

Remember to support your data and information with appropriate citations.

A minimum of five peer-reviewed references must be included.


  • The Organizational Overview should provide a description of the type of organization you have chosen.  
    • Identify whether it is a government or commercial organization.  
    • Describe the primary industry or level of government. 
  • In the Materials Purchased section, describe the materials or services that will be procured for the organization based on the industry or government type.  
    • Does the organization supply materials used for products, software systems, service items, goods for resale, or other types of material? 

Update the Table of Contents and Reference sections of your Procurement Plan each week as needed. 400-600 words

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