Vulnerability Scanning

Question 1

Technology Review Discussion: Research and report to the class on one of the following security technologies used to secure Industrial Control Systems: Application Whitelisting, Network segmentation, vulnerability scanning, network access control, Security Information and Event Management, Data diode.

Please cover in your post the following points:

  • Describe what the technology does.
  • Discuss whether you think it’s a good fit for securing ICS and why. use these reference Knapp, & Langill. (2015). Industrial Network Security :Securing Critical Infrastructure Networks for Smart Grid, SCADA, and Other Industrial Control Systems 2nd Ed. New York: Elsevier Inc.(you need to add page numbers in citation)

Question 2

Job order costing versus process costing.

Let’s say the Pentagon wishes to compare the cost of the War in Iraq to the cost of the War in Vietnam. Will the Pentagon more likely rely on a costing system that resembles a job order costing system or a process costing system to come up with this analysis? Support your opinion.

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