Vendors and Suppliers

Question 1

Ethics prescribes expected behavioral norms for employees, and often the vendors and suppliers. The company’s ethics are often communicated in the form of a Code of Conduct that is usually available on the organization’s website. You will do some reading and research to see how ethics impacts motivation and an organization’s culture.

Topic: Ethics

Access the article on ethics by Bart, C. (2011) in the Reading area. Based on the recommendations by Bart in the article:

  • How has your current or previous organization complied with Bart’s recommendations? If the company was not or is not complying, explain how they have addressed ethics. What do they need to do to better comply with his suggestions?
  • Do some research on the internet regarding Benefit Corporations and discuss whether you would be more or less inclined to work for such an entity and explain your response.
  • Do some research on the Internet on various company cultures and address the following: What kind of company culture do you prefer and why?

Question 2

Human Nature / Code of Ethics Paper

Human Nature

1st Sentence; what is human nature ? Are good, evil, mix or born w/ blank slate.

2nd Why? Parents, peers , life experiences traumatic event, religion, books, combination of factors.

3rd In 10 years will my view of Human Nature remain the same or changes ?

Code of Ethics Paper

4. Codes of Ethics Portion

-Define your code of ethics by identifying 3 key traits (3 paragraphs 1per trait)

5. One paragraph about when you demonstrated the trait

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