Valuation Implications

Question 1

Write 5 summaries of 5 different articles on five different topics (One page for each topic), 10 pages in total, 5 for the articles and 5 for the summaries.

The Topics:

1- Islamic Banking.

2- Islamic Finance.

3- Islamic Insurance.

4- Islamic Mortgage.

5- Islamic Capital Market.

Question 2

It is about using event studies to determine some outcome.

. Do mergers have valuation implications? If so, markets should react to the firm’s decision to acquire another firm. If mergers convey good news about the firm, say for the acquiror, market reactions should be positive.

What are the determinants of market reactions to merger news? You examine in a regression framework what are the determinants of the market reactions to merger announcements (as measured by the reaction to the target’s stock).



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