Urbanization Research Paper

The goal of this assignment is to research and write a concise paper (5-6 pages double space, approximately 1,500-1,800 words, not including a separate cover page and reference list page) on one of the following topics (which you have already begun researching and writing about for Assignment One):

1. History of a pre-industrial city: Summarize the history of a pre-industrial city and the society which built the city.

2. The growth of an industrial metropolis: Summarize the processes and forms of industrialization and growth of a city.

3. Suburbanization of a city in the twentieth century: Summarize the processes and forms of decentralized urban growth centered on one city.

• The internet is a great medium for doing research, but your research should cite

papers in academic journals or books and not open source internet sites. You are

required to cite at least four references.

Guidelines for formatting the final draft:

• No headers or footnotes (and do not include your name anywhere except on the


• Number pages using your word-processing program – not by hand.

• Cover sheet with student name, course number, student number, date etc. – no fancy

covers or binding – simply staple the paper in the upper left corner. No borders,

trim, or other ‘decoration’. All of your time on this assignment should go into the

research and writing, and as little as possible into formatting.

• Use a 12 point, serif font such as Times, Garamond, or Bookman.

• A reference list must be included and formatted according to APA reference style:

Clear statement of paper’s objectives or thesis No statement of objectives or thesis

In depth coverage of chosen topic Treatment of topic superficial or absent

Clear argument with beginning, middle, and end Disorganized and lacking flow; off-topic

Evidence of original thought Superficial summarization of other works


Stylistically correct citation of references Incorrect referencing style & inadequate acknowledgement

Sufficient references (quantity, refereed, books) Lacking refereed sources, many open internet ref’s


Grammatically correct sentences Many ungrammatical sentences

Correct spelling and good choice of words throughout Much incorrect spelling and many inappropriate words


Formatting in accordance with guidelines Inappropriate formatting: lack of attention to guidelines

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