Universal Civilization

Question 1

Dating from about 662 to 750 CE, _______ culture was called the first universal civilization because it allowed for trade over a broad area, thus encouraging an exchange of new ideas for innovations in technology and the sciences.





Question 2

In painting, chiaroscuro is a technique in which

a)backgrounds become separate from foregrounds.

b)objects on canvas look three-dimensional.

c)linear perspectives become distorted.

d)primary colors are exclusively used.

Question 3

Which event directly marked the end of the Roman Republic and the advent of the Roman Empire?

a)The death of Cleopatra

b)The Greek defeat in the naval battle at Actium

c)The fall of the Turkish Empire

d)Octavian’s ascent to power as Augustus Caesar

Question 4

Our species, Homo sapiens sapiens, appeared on the planet around _______ years BCE.


b)1 million

c)1.5 million


Question 5

The steam engine was originally conceived and built by

a)Thomas Savery.

b)James Watt.

c)Thomas Newcomen.

d)Robert Morse.

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