United States

  • True or False: If any part of the statement is false/wrong/incorrect, then the entire statement is false.
  • Multiple Choice: Select the most appropriate answer.
  • Fill in the Blank: Write in the most appropriate answer to complete the statement. Write the answer exactly as it appears (not including the lettered option).
    • Spelling counts in the fill in the blank section so please spell your answer correctly. No points will be awarded if the answer is misspelled.
    • Do not type in the lettered option; you must type the word or phrase after the lettered option.
    • Example: “Who was the first President of the United States?”
      • A.) George Washington
      • B.) John Adams
      • C.) Thomas Jefferson
      • Acceptable answer:
      • George Washington
    • Note that this section is case and grammar sensitive, so please be sure to include the appropriate punctuation marks and capitalized letters. In the above example, if you were to type in “A.) George Washington”, “A.)” or simply “george washington”, then you will not be awarded credit.

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