Union Troops


James Polk (Points : 2)

opposed the annexation of Texas.

purchased Texas from Mexico.

favored the annexation of Texas.

was the only governor to serve two terms in Texas.


Congress tried to resolve the dispute between the North and the South about slavery in the territories by (Points : 2)

repealing the Wilmot Proviso.

adopting the Wilmot Proviso.

adopting the Compromise of 1850.

repealing the Compromise of 1850.


In 1856, Border Ruffians attacked (Points : 2)

a New York abolitionist named John Brown.

a group of southern farmers.

Senator Charles Sumner.

the antislavery town of Lawrence, Kansas.


Lee’s smaller army defeated McClellan’s larger force and kept Union troops out of Richmond because (Points : 2)

Lee was lucky.

McClellan surrendered.

Lee found McClellan’s battle plans.

McClellan was too cautious.

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